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  • Money flows as investors acquire Waterfront units

    01 Dec 2021

    Three units totalling over 80,000 sq ft have been sold as investments on Waterfront Business Park in Brierley Hill, demonstrating the development’s appeal and potential.

  • Communities defeat terrorism

    12 Nov 2021

    We all have a role to play in helping the police tackle terrorism. We can save lives by remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious behaviour.

  • It’s all happening ‘on the waterfront’

    01 Nov 2021

    Waterfront Business Park is Brierley Hill’s ‘place to be’, as the area’s highest quality offices come to market and agents, KWB and Bulleys, secure two new occupiers.

  • Have your say on town centres

    22 Oct 2021

    Shoppers are being invited to share their views on how they feel about returning to Dudley borough’s town centres.

  • Support for businesses with temporary pavement licence

    01 Oct 2021

    Council bosses are urging businesses to apply for a temporary licence to extend their outdoor space by placing furniture on the pavement, after just seven came forward.