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Ways we can highlight your Dudley borough business 

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There are a number of different ways we can help to showcase your business to the borough.

Join the Mayor of Dudley’s Business Club

The Mayoral Business Club is a unique business initiative that offers access to exclusive networking events with key decision makers in the borough, as well as VIP experiences and high-profile branding opportunities.

Find out more about the Mayoral Business Club


Opening a new business or premises

You can invite the Mayor of Dudley to attend the opening of your new business or premises.

Contact the Mayor of Dudley


Host a Made in Dudley Borough visit

The Made in Dudley Borough campaign recognises innovative businesses in the borough with a visit from a senior councillor.

During this campaign, the leader of Dudley Council and the Mayor of Dudley have visited several businesses to learn more about their work.


If you would like to request a Made in Dudley Borough visit, please complete this form and return it to

An archive of previous Made in Dudley Borough visits is available on the Dudley Council news pages


Hold an event in Dudley borough

We encourage and welcome the hosting of events in our town centres and high streets across the borough. Guidance on hosting events and an application form can be found on Event guidance and application forms.


We also have several entertainment or promotional areas located within town centres across the borough, more information can be found on town centre bookings.


Advertising opportunities in Dudley borough

Dudley Council operates a number of advertising spaces, offering your business the opportunity to market your products and services to more than 323,000 residents across the borough. More information on outdoor advertising with Dudley Council.

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