A place for business growth

A strong sense of purpose - built on coal and shaped by industry and heroics of industrial change, the Black Country is a place with a rich history and a strong sense of identity. Driven by a true sense of common purpose, Dudley has developed an ambitious 30 year vision to drive economic growth, positioning the borough for the future.


A strong sense of place

The Black Country has a shared heritage of world-class distinction and a shared vision for a dynamic and exciting future based on challenging perceptions of the past, establishing itself as a vibrant and exciting place in which to live, work and do business.

A powerful economic force

Dudley is home to a diverse range of innovative, prosperous and successful businesses.  Global leaders that have settled in the borough, include Sandvik Limited, Eriks Industrial Services Limited and Elta Group Limited.

Where things get done

With a history of ingenuity and a reputation for making things happen, the Dudley economy is rapidly evolving and benefits from an extensive innovation ecosystem that extends across the West Midlands and beyond.  Businesses large and small have led the way in developing new products and processes, from the Westfield self-driven POD to Solarbox, embracing opportunities and driving transformation in advanced engineering, environmental technology, business operations and the visitor economy.   

A place for business growth

Dudley is the location of choice for growing businesses, offering low cost, high quality premises in the heart of the West Midlands infrastructure.  DY5, Dudley’s Business and Innovation Enterprise Zone offers opportunities for immediate occupation and future development.  Dudley has propositions for investment in industrial, residential, and mixed-use development, supported by a pro-business strategy framework and positive local authority.

A strong infrastructure

Centrally located in the heart of the country, Dudley borough benefits from easy access to the cities of Birmingham, Manchester and London by rail and road, with excellent transport links to the M5 and M6 motorways and Birmingham International Airport. 4 million live within a 40 minute drive and 5 million within an hour’s drive.

Air, road and rail links connect the borough to more than 400 million people across Europe - including connectivity to Birmingham, HS2 and Birmingham International Airport.

In addition planned regional transport investment will greatly strengthen the borough’s transport links. Crucially the £353million Midland Metro extension will create a direct link to Birmingham, HS2 and Birmingham Airport via DY5 and revolutionise connectivity in the borough.

Ongoing transport investment across the Black Country includes:

Black Country transport priorities totalling £2.1billion of investment across a range of transport modes:

  • Motorways: £420million
  • Rail: £648million
  • Metro: £743million
  • Key Road Corridors: £140million
  • Interchanges: £167million

DY5 Dudley’s Business and Innovation Enterprise Zone, will benefit from this improved connectivity. Particularly from the £343million investment into the new metro but also from significant investment into digital and physical infrastructure of the region.

It’s also worth noting that Dudley borough benefits from fantastic digital connectivity with 99% superfast broadband coverage across the region.