Edible England

10 Sep 2021

As part of Heritage Open Day, England’s largest celebration of history and culture, we are celebrating some of the heritage in our local businesses!

The theme this year is Edible England so we'll be sharing local food history throughout the week on here and on social media.

Saturday Books opened six years ago, a quirky tardis of a book shop tucked away next to the Potato Merchants on Tower Street, allowing you to step back into a world of literary history.

Formerly three mid-nineteenth century town houses, this second hand book shop can be navigated through its winding corridors and vast staircase. Note the cobels framing the hallway arch as you enter and ascend the original staircase to the second and third floors.

Teddy Gray's
Sweet enough? Founded in 1826 by John Gray, Teddy Gray's is a family run business famous for producing traditional hard boiled sweets, particularly their well-known Herbal Tablets for ‘cold nights and mornings’.

Manufactured locally in Dudley, you can experience the traditional sweet shop and grab a bag of ‘suck’ (black country dialect for sweets) to this day on market street Dudley. What’s your favourite memory of Teddy Gray's?